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Quick info about our CMS

Digimaker is a content management system and portal solution based on with unlimited possibilities. Leading businesses base their portal and web solutions on Digimaker CMS.

Digimaker CMS uses existing standards for web solutions. XML web services, SOAP and XHTML ensures maximum utilization of existing solutions, and at the same time makes the solution future-proof and easy to customize into new solutions. Furthermore, Digimaker CMS is built on a one-layer architecture that is in line with best practice for web solutions. This ensures a web solution that can provide maximum performance and be easy to maintain as well. Digimaker utilize Microsoft SQL server as database.

Easy and userfriendly

Even though Digimaker is a powerful tool with a lot of possibilities, there is a consistent focus on user-friendliness and flexibility to guarantee that our CMS is easy to work with, both for administrators, editors and subscribers.

For you as a client this means that you get a CMS that is straightforward and that will streamline your workflow.



What you see is what you get. With the article editor you will be able to format text, insert images, and add links – just like Microsoft Word


Upload your images in the library. Choose size without using any image editing software.


Do you need to send newsletter to your clients? No problem. Use the built-in newsletter module.


So you need a new contact form? Or do you need a subscription form? Then you can use the e-Form module in Digimaker.


Create different organizations and departments. Choose different roles for the departments. Access management on a detailed level.

Responsive design

All websites that are implemented on Digimaker CMS is delivered with responsive design.